The General Assembly


The General Assembly is composed of all Full Members of ECTAA. It meets at least once a year. Among others, it is competent to decide on new Members’ applications, to elect Directors and to approve the association’s budget and accounts.

The Board of Directors


The Board of Directors on which every Full Member has a seat, is empowered with the management of the association. It meets at least once a year. The Board elects a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and 4 Executive Board Members from within its Members. Each of the elected must be from a different Full Member national delegation that is established in a Member State of the European Union.

The President


The President is elected by the Board of Directors for a mandate of two years. The President for 2022-2024 is Mr Frank Oostdam from Netherlands

The Executive Board


The Executive Board is composed by the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, 4 Executive Board Members, and the Secretary General.

The Executive Board meets in general twice a year, before the semi-annual meetings. 


Following Directors are part of the Executive Board for 2022-2024:

President:Mr Frank Oostdam (NL) 
Vice President: Mrs Heli Mäki-Fränti (FI) 
Treasurer: Mr Marios Kammenos (GR) 
Members:  Mr Jan Van Steen (BE)

Mrs Daniela Stoeva (BG) 
 Mr Boris Zgomba (HR)
 Mr Pawel Niewiadomski (PL) 


The Committees


A number of technical committees have been established, which are composed of representatives of national delegations of Full Members, who have a specific expertise in the issues that are dealt with by the committee concerned. 


Those committees are the following:

  • Air Matters Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Fiscal Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Tourism Committee 
  • Sustainability Committee

The Business Meetings  


ECTAA organizes at least 2 Business meetings per year. It allows Full and Affiliated Members to discuss the latest developments at European level as well as to exchange their points of views and their experience at national level.

Anti-Trust Statement 


The organization values fair and honest business competition among its participants. Therefore, all meetings, whether held at a physical location or virtually, will be conducted in accordance with the relevant competition and antitrust laws.

Both the organization and the members will at all times refrain from engaging in discussions, activities, or behaviors that could potentially violate these laws. Consequently, competitors must not directly or indirectly share, communicate, or exchange any commercially sensitive information, such as non-public details about commercial strategy, pricing, costs, or revenues.

Any attempt to breach antitrust or competition laws will lead to triggering Article 9 of Articles of Association on the suspension, exclusion or withdrawal of members.

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