Preferred destinations

Make your destination visible to the 70.000 European travel agents and tour operators


The ECTAA preferred destination of the year programme offers the National Tourism Authority of a selected destination the opportunity to market the destination to the European travel agents and tour operators regrouped within the European Federation. The programme offers a wide range of services and privileged access to the 35 Associations of Travel Agents and Tour Operators members of ECTAA, which cover most of the outbound markets across Europe, as well as Tunisia, Morocco, Israel and Malaysia. These services include amongst other the following:





  • Prominent display on ECTAA’s website of up to 3 visuals with embedded hyperlinks, enabling an easy and direct access to aspects of your destination you want to highlight and promote
  • Integration of your logo and your descriptive in ECTAA's corporate identity and communications (e-mails, presentations, study, reports, etc.);
  • Public announcement of cooperation through different means
  • Regular posts and articles on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, ...)



Priviledged access to ECTAA Members and their enterprises


  • Possibility to host one of the ECTAA semi-annual meetings to showcase your destination and connect with the top experts in one location
  • Participation in the 2 semi-annual meetings of ECTAA to present and promote your destination as well as in the meeting of the ECTAA Destination Committee, allowing to meet both experts and decision-makers of the national associations.
  • Opportunity to distribute promotional material to ECTAA Member associations
  • Possibility to jointly develop ad-hoc material that can be disseminated by ECTAA secretariat towards the national associations (e.g. webinars)
  • Opportunity to invite travel agents and tour operators selected by the Programme on famtrips/educational tours




Other tailor-made services


  • Possibility to develop joint activities towards stakeholders of the tourism sector present at EU level
  • Possibility to identify the added value of the destination with respect to European institutions’ working programme
  • Possibility to hold an event in the European Parliament together with a Member of the Parliament from the country you represent



Are you interested in becoming our next Preferred Destination? We are happy to send you our leaflet for more information 



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