Greece - ECTAA's Preferred Destination 2022


Greece a Year Round Destination 2022

Greece is a fascinating year-round holiday destination in the Mediterranean. With its loving and hospitable locals, its stunning coastlines, beautiful islands, delicious cuisine and high-quality tourism infrastructure offer memorable holidaying throughout the year. There is always more for the visitor to enjoy! 


Macedonia is a collection of diverse landscapes

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Are you still looking for a holiday destination for the autumn months? Discover the landscape pan, the sea and the cities in Macedonia. The people, culture, and customs vary from region to region, much as the environment does.


Enjoy a single coastline and 1,000 beaches where the mountains and the sea converge. At Platamonas, Leptokarya, or Litochoro, you can swim in the Aegean Sea while soaking up the sun, or you can climb to the tops of Mount Olympus. If you travel north, you will find "Queen" Chalkidiki, which has 550 km of golden coastline, waters that are crystal clean, and trees so near to the water that they touch the sea.

Discover the history and the civilization in the land of Alexander the Great. Visit the Royal Tombs of Vergina, Dion, the sacred area to the Macedonians, Ancient Pella, the former capital of Macedonia, ancient Stagira (Aristotle's birthplace), and ancient Aiani in Kozani, a Bronze Age gem. 

Central Macedonia - Must-visit locations


Thessaloniki, a City of experiences 


Characterized by diversity is charmingly intertwined with archaeological sites, Byzantine churches and other important monuments of the past. The city breathes history and culture where you can enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine and find nice shops for shopping. How about shopping in the center of the city, a walk along the coast or visiting the Kastra on the north side of the city? Enjoy Greek cuisine in the busy local taverns in the market area or along the old waterfront and visit the various city museums. The distances are short, so you have plenty of time to see it all at a leisurely pace. The top Film Festival of Thessaloniki is the oldest in the Balkans gives rendezvous with film lovers every November, being simultaneously one of the most important cultural events of the city. 





Chalkidiki, inside your dreams 

Walk along the endless coastline of the three peninsulas, swim in the fjord-like bays with emerald beaches and coves, hike majestic mountains, smell the smoothing scent of pine trees, explore the stage of thriving life and civilization –like the thousand-year-old monastic state of Mount Athos, a unique UNESCO Heritage site and Ancient Stagira, the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristoteles. Chalkidiki is the fusion of Mediterranean light, lively communities and a glorious past. A breathtaking combination of blue and green. It is located in the south of the city of Thessaloniki and shares the same airport (“Macedonia” Thessaloniki International Airport) with direct flights from 41 countries. Chalkidiki is very gifted to have four distinct seasons, and experiences 250 days of sunshine per year. The region has very warm and dry summers, with minimal rainfall and eighteen hours of sunshine/per day. 

Piera, a region with experiences on an Olympian scale 


Just a short drive from Thessaloniki, it is an enticing alternative summer holiday destination. Mt. Olympus, the fabled mountain of the gods, is on one side of you and a 70-kilometer coastline is lined with beaches on the other. Mt. Olympus’ wonderful nature of rich flora (over 1700 species, more than 20 of which endemic) and fauna (more than 30 species of mammals, 100 species of birds, 18 species of reptiles) left the modern Greeks with no choice but to proclaim it the first National Forest in 1938. There were vineyards in Pieria in antiquity, but organized viticulture is a relatively recent introduction, having been embraced by a talented group of winemakers. There are more than a dozen wineries to visit, any number of which could form an unexpected wine route.  



Western Macedonia - Must-visit locations




Kastoria, the Macedonian Lakeside Jewel 


This picturesque city, whose beauty will undoubtedly fascinate you, is situated between the mountains, located on a small peninsula that is reflected in Orestiada Lake. The ideal method to see the city is to take a short tour of the lake, moving from its southernmost to its northernmost coast. There are 200 distinct species in the Lake, some of which are unique and endangered. Waterfowl and local fisherman are in competition for the lake's fish. Don't forget to stop by the Dragon's Cave along the way if you want to witness seven underground lakes and rooms with amazing stalactites. Follow the beautiful route towards Profitis Ilias Church and go even higher up to Agios Athanasios viewpoint if you wish to see the city from above. In a short distance from the lake, you'll find the charming historic neighborhood of Doltso, where buildings date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when the city's economy flourished thanks to the treatment and trade of furs. Many constructions here have been turned into museums. 

Florina, the land of the lakes 


The city has an outstanding natural landscape dotted with six magnificent lakes, picture-perfect lakeside villages, stone-built villages and a beautiful capital traversed by a river. Only 45 km west of Florina, lies one of the most important habitats in Greece and the first transboundary protected area in the Balkans. The Prespes National Park is a wetland worth visiting, with a rich biodiversity. More than half of Greece's bird, amphibian, and mammal species can be found here, which exemplifies the biodiversity's wealth. In addition, nine out of the 23 fish species that live in its waters are endemic. The village of Nymfaio flourished significantly between the 17th and 19th century. For many years the settlement had been abandoned but thanks to a coordinated effort from local people and the state, it managed to regain its lost glory. Today it forms one of the most impressive traditional settlements. 



Eastern Macedonia - Must visit locations 



Kavala, a easide city escape 


The city of Kavala has the unusual quality to provide a mountain-and-sea beauty thanks to the hills in the north and the Aegean Sea in the south. Kavala's 2,500-year history can be easily observed by taking a tour through the Old Town, notably in Panagia neighborhood. Quiet brick pavers, residences with multiple colors, wooden balconies, and flower-filled courtyards are additionally present. The town's main landmark is the 270-meter-long and 25-meter-tall (at its tallest point) arched aqueduct, which was formerly its lifeline. It is thought to have been constructed on top of a Roman aqueduct on the same site and was one of the great Ottoman civic infrastructure projects. The Acropolis of Kavala, built in the 15th century atop a Byzantine acropolis on the same site, dominates the peak of the peninsula on which the Panagia area of the Old Town is situated. A visit to the Old Lighthouse on the shore, or even better, climbing the stairs just below it to the Rocks of Panagia, where you may experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the sea, fulfills any stroll around Kavala's Old Town. You can see all the way to the island of Thassos on a clear day. The simple pleasure of strolling by the water is one of the best parts of visiting Kavala. Follow the coastline all the way from the Old Town to Faliro Park at the Archaeological Museum. 

Greece can cater for all tastes within each and every season


During springtime Greece is in full bloom, colourful and ready to welcome the Easter Holidays; on the mainland or on the islands, there are surprises aplenty! This is the time to drink in the views that nature has to offer. Explore trails, lakes, rivers, and gorges in the countryside, learn more about the local flora and fauna and go birdwatching or butterfly watching.


In summer, Greece is at its best! The warm temperatures and the sweet sea breeze make day time beach hunting a pleasurable experience as much as your night time intriguing strolls. Go island hopping or sailing and discover lesser known beaches and coves. If you are a night owl, nightlife in Greece will give you what you need. Savour the local Greek mezedes (tidbits) or opt for haute cuisine, try traditional drinks and enjoy time with friends and family.

For many people Greece’s charming season is autumn. The milder temperatures and cooler nights, compared to summer, are just perfect for visiting the archaeological sites and enjoy the best city-breaks in the country. Build your strength and stamina and try mountaineering on mountains where ancient Gods once lived and roamed!

Winter activities in picture-perfect villages, nestled on the rocky mountain slopes award visitors great opportunities for a relaxing and enjoyable winter break. This is the season when nature wears its wintertime colours and the air is fresh and invigorating. Discover the ski resorts and all kinds of winter sports around the mountainous areas of Greece.

For pleasure, for holiday, for a long weekend, for business, work or just for a short trip, Greece is the place to be!

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