Oct 13 / 2020
Vouchers and quarantine problems
It is crucial to prolong the value of vouchers  

HOTELS and AIRLINES: because of this going on epidemics, we can't materialize any of the trips, for which we got vouchers for. These vouchers for prepaid deposits start to expire from March 2021 onwards. This means, we will lose all our client’s money and hotels/AIRLINES don't want to refund the amounts. It would be crucial to make them prolong the value of all vouchers for the next 2 years or at least 1 year, after the epidemics is over. Or to get EU guaranty for these refunds. If this won't happen, many of travel agencies will go bankrupt.

We are keen to prepare new trips, but because the situation is changing from week to week, we can guarantee any departure and hotels/airlines don't want to hold reservations without payments. Becasue of threat of quarantine in the destination, also our clients are afraid to travel, because we work with senior groups.

PISANEC TA, Slovenia 

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