May 20 / 2021
The tourism industry is loosing qualified staff!
In many countries, the tourism sector is losing its employees to other industries. Lithuania is no exception to this trend.

Still today, the government advises citizens to refrain from non-essential travel. The longer this travel restriction remains in place, the more difficult it will become for travel companies to restart: they will suffer the lack of expertise needed to deliver a professional services to the costumers.

In absence of activities (business travel management companies have simply no work at all!) and consequently of cash-flow, one of the biggest challenges for the travel advisors in Lithuania is therefore to retain the most qualified employees in a team/company. Some workers have already left by themselves because their wages have been cut to a minimum, despite the support of the government. Other employees have decided to go back to study or decided to take a gap year. People are tired of waiting and the industry will blow due to lack of perspectives. It is therefore very important to restart the activities in order to offer quality activities and trips in the future (post covid-19).

In order to survive this crisis, the travel advisors undertook all what was possible to adjust their activities to the market reality. They changed from simply selling travels and developed consulting services to the travel media. This keeps people informed of what is happening in the rest of the world and what the latest regulations are. On the other hand, they notice that people are looking for longer and more qualitative trips, which gives a hopeful perspective for the future.

NTVA, Lithuania
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