Oct 5 / 2020
Spain: Refund obligations of airlines
ACAVe fighting to make airlines comply with their refund obligations 

One of the main battles of ACAVe since COVID-19 pandemic has been fighting to make airlines comply with their refund obligations under EC Regulation 261/2004 in the interest of our Members, which when they act as organizers of a cancelled package travel due to the pandemic unfortunately are obliged to refund travelers regardless the suppliers reimburse or not. ACAVe has filed denounces before our NEB: AESA, against 43 airlines and it has asked as well the support of the Spanish Consumers Ministry. Some airlines are allowing again in our market refunds through GDS, such as AF-KLM, LH, TK… However there are still airlines, amongst others Aeromexico, Royal Air Maroc, which do not offer at all the option of refund and they just offer a voucher and, unfortunately, most of airlines refund with long delays. Therefore, ACAVe’s battle continues and we are studying other possible legal actions as AESA’s action has not been as efficient and quick as expected. 


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