Oct 1 / 2020
Refund problems of service providers
2 bad experiences 

While the vouchers of the travel agents and tour operators where organised within the framework of the package travel directive, the other vouchers (airlines, hotels, museums…) are not covered by any kind of insolvency protection and no identified and common rules are applied. This should be addressed w.

* A travel agent has planned a convention in Italy (Tuscany) in April. The down payment amounts to 151.000 Euro. Due to the lockdown in Italy the convention had to be cancelled. The Italian hotel refuses to refund the money, because Italy changed its laws in a way that allows vouchers instead of a full refund. Whether the convention will take place in the future is uncertain as well as the question if the down payment will ever be refunded.

* A travel agent organized a safari to Namibia and made a down payment. The safari couldn’t take place due to Covid-19. The Namibian tour operator denied a refund of the down payment at first. Now he is willing to do so, but in the meantime the currency exchange rate has collapsed, resulting in a loss for the travel agent of approx. 5.000 Euro.

WKÖ (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich) 

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