Sep 7 / 2020
Please stop all chargebacks, Aeroflot will start refunding all RAs from May 1 until June 26
We still have not received any refunds

It was at one point suggested by Aeroflot that we as a Travel Agent should send a newsletter to our customers promoting them contact Aeroflot directly for vouchers. There would be a bonus value on the voucher, 15% of the ticket price. We refused to adhere to that. Then we heard we would NOT get any refunds on tickets issued before May 1st, only on tickets issued after that date…which is about a non-existing amount of tickets. 
At this time, it was mentioned that there is a Russian law that say that they can wait to refund up to three years. I contacted IATA in Russia who confirmed this:
“Yes, Russian law allows Airlines to postpone refunds for 3 years after the last date of travel segment in the ticket and passenger can use amount paid as deposit for the next flight.”

We have also been in contact with IATA Travel Agency Commissioner that tells us that Aeroflot must obey by the EU rules if they fly to/from EU. In this case we are referring to refund rules. Aeroflot do not seem to care about this and said we must take them to court if we want to purse the refund claims.

At one point we started getting credit card charge backs from customers. This led us to start our own process to do charge backs in our turn to Aeroflot through our card provider. We are not allowed to use virtual wholesale cards as form of payment when issuing tickets but have an approval to use virtual corporate cards. Now they threaten us with 150USD/ticket ADM if we do charge backs and saying we were never allowed to use virtual corporate cards.

SRF (Association of Swedish TA & TO)

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