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Sep 17 / 2021
Covid-19, political decisions and the consequences - a look back and ahead
As in many other countries in Europe, German travel agents and tour operators are suffering the general uncertainty regarding the covid-19 travel restrictions in the tourism industry.
May 20 / 2021
The tourism industry is loosing qualified staff!
In many countries, the tourism sector is losing its employees to other industries. Lithuania is no exception to this trend.
May 10 / 2021
Recovery will take time and is impossible without Government's support

Compared to most of the European countries, the health situation in Israel is very good thanks to the vast and early vaccination activity. Yet, the figures for incoming and outcoming tourism are as bad as in the worst phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Feb 25 / 2021
Uncertainty is slowly killing us

The Tourism industry urgently needs more clarification on how and when travel agents and tour operators are going to be able to start working again. Business needs to restart.

Dec 10 / 2020
Travel Agents should be paid for the work done
Travel agents work for free if they don't sell any tickets 
Nov 16 / 2020
Repatriation of customers - the beginning of huge losses for tour operators
The losses caused by travel restrictions in the pandemic era that the tourism industry has suffered and continues to suffer are enormous and growing every month
Nov 10 / 2020
The day Greece announced mandatory covid PCR test for Polish nationals
When the whole industry in Poland have been surprised by unexpected decision of Greek Government
Oct 13 / 2020
Vouchers and quarantine problems
It is crucial to prolong the value of vouchers  
Oct 5 / 2020
Spain: Refund obligations of airlines
ACAVe fighting to make airlines comply with their refund obligations 
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