The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations
The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations
The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations
The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations
The European Travel Agents' and Tour Operators' Associations

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15/02/2024 ECTAA Launches Travel Industry Ambassador Programme

ECTAA announced today the launch of its Travel Industry Ambassador Programme, a brand new and dedicated initiative designed to present the dynamism and innovation of the travel industry sector by showcasing innovative travel agents and tour operators, who are making a strong contribution to the future of travel. This programme is a response to the critical challenges that the travel sector is currently facing, emphasising the need for collective action and expertise.

January 2024 Joint Statement: Europe’s consumers deserve a competitive European airline market
Europe’s internal air travel market is a remarkable EU success story. Over the last decades, liberalization has led to cheaper, safer, and more comprehensive air connections throughout the EU. This was driven in large parts by vigorous competition between airlines, engaging in a constant effort to outcompete their peers by developing and improving their services. Now, the European air travel industry stands at a crossroads. Large and increasingly dominant airline groups have formed in successive mergers. In 2005, the top 5 European airline groups already accounted for 47% of intra-EU traffic, this figure is now set to increase to 73.5% in 2024.1

29/01/2024 Unlocking the Future: ECTAA Presents Inaugural Travel Payment Summit in Brussels
ECTAA, the European umbrella organization for travel intermediaries, proudly announces the groundbreaking debut of the Travel Payment Summit set to take place in Brussels on February 21, 2024.
In a revolutionary move, ECTAA is bringing together the brightest minds in travel and payments, including EU policymakers and stakeholders, for a dynamic event aimed at unraveling the intricate world of travel payments. Whether in the realm of B2C or B2B, the way we transact has a profound impact on risk management, shapes the travel ecosystem, and is intricately connected to customer experiences.




An adept payment strategy not only mitigates risks but also enables higher revenues and heightened customer satisfaction, constituting a linchpin for sustainable growth within the industry. Within the labyrinth of travel and payment complexities, regulatory frameworks, especially the EU legislation, loom large, setting the tone and guidelines for the industry's operational landscape. Set against this backdrop, the forthcoming ECTAA Travel Payment Summit, scheduled for 21 February 2024 in Brussels, will bring together travel and payment experts alongside EU policymakers and stakeholders from the "Brussels bubble" with multifaceted goals: 

  • understand the complexities of travel payment
  • understand the diverse spectrum of stakeholder perspectives
  • explore novel approaches
  • enable a collaborative environment fostering discussions beyond siloed dialogues prevalent today. 


If you are interested in the ECTAA Travel Payment Summit and wish to register, you can find more information on our webpage






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Whether you are a business traveler or a leisure traveler you can always trust your travel agent


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Preferred Destination 2023 - Greece


Greece - You will want to stay forever !

Greece is a fascinating year-round holiday destination in the Mediterranean. With its loving and hospitable locals, its stunning coastlines, beautiful islands, delicious cuisine, and high-quality tourism infrastructure offer memorable holidaying throughout the year. There is always more for the visitor to enjoy!
The new “Greece. A life-changing experience” campaign highlight the experiences one can live while on holiday in Greece – experiences that come from the untouched nature, the simplicity and authenticity of the country.
Holidays in Greece are not an always easy task... Steps to climb, sand to walk on, roosters to wake you up, hot sun, dirt roads, villages in the middle of nowhere, unusual tastes! But these "difficulties" arising from the untouched nature, simplicity and authenticity of the country are what make the vacation here, an unrepeatable life experience.
This is the side of Greece that the GNTO wants to promote this year, showing travelers that that Greece can still offer, through its people and nature, experiences beyond the classic ones, like tasting a crimson tomato washed in sea water, a path leading to the most hidden beach or a night at an island festival.
“Coming to Greece is not really a holiday… It’s so much more! … It’s a life-changing experience!”
Find out here or just...come to Greece this #summer and see for yourself!
#AllYouWantIsGreece #AlifechangingExperience #VisitGreece

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