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ECTAA is the Group of national travel agents’ and tour operators’ associations within the EU. It actively cooperates with European Union institutions and international organizations to ensure that their interests and special requirements are taken into consideration.

ECTAA was founded in 1961 at Bad Kreuznach (Federal Republic of Germany) by the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of the 6 founding Member States of the Common Market. Other national associations joined ECTAA with the successive enlargements of the European Union.

ECTAA now represents the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of 27 EU Member States, of 2 EU accession countries as well Switzerland and Norway, and 3 international Members .

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Latest press releases

07/06/17 ECTAA calls the EU regulator to effectively enforce EU legislation on Air Services and take appropriate measures to protect the EU consumer
Following the IAG’s recent announcement to apply the 9.5 EUR charge to British Airways/Iberia tickets booked via GDS, ECTAA condemns this decision and calls the EU regulator to take appropriate steps to protect the neutral and transparent access to air fares

31/05/2017 European travel agents’ and tour operators’ associations exploring colourful Coimbra
ECTAA, the European Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, has been invited to hold its semi-annual meeting in the beautiful Coimbra city in Centre of Portugal on 31 May to 2 June. A delegation of 70 CEOs and Presidents of travel agents and travel agents’ associations will come to Coimbra to obtain up-to-date industry, government affairs and legal developments impacting the European travel industry.

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Position Papers
19/06/2017 Open letter to European Commissioner fo Transport
Airlines' surcharges and other discrimination against neutral independent distribution theaten transparency and consumer choice.

May 2017 Call for a new model to govern indirect air distribution
A recent study carried out by ETTSA and ECTAA identified five key areas of concerns to the non-airline distribution chain players. Based on interviews with senior representatives of different distribution chain stakeholders, including agents, airlines, and GDSs, the study makes a number of recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the IATA Passenger Agency Programme

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Workshop: "Package Travel Directive: Challenges Ahead"

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Preferred destination
ECTAA's Preferred Destination for 2017 is Centro do Portugal

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