Workshop: "Package Travel Directive: Challenges Ahead"

Mrs Claudia Tapardel
, Member of the European Parliament and Co-Chair of the European Parliament Intergroup on European tourism development, cultural heritage and the Way of St James and other cultural routes, had the pleasure to invite for a workshop on 

« Package Travel Directive: Challenges Ahead »

which was held at The European Parliament  on 11th May 2017

 This workshop was co-organized by:
ECTAA, the European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Association, and
EGFATT, European Guarantee Funds’ Association for Travel and Tourism

Please find hereunder some presentations made during the workshop: 
  1. Peter Bischoff-Everding, Deputy Head of Unit, Consumer and Marketing Law, DG Justice and Consumers
  2. Frank Radstake, Consumer Affairs & Social Policy @ ANVR 
  3. Paulo Fonseca, Head of Lrgal and Economic department, DECO 
  4. Véronique Corduant, Director Public Policy Europe, TripAdvisor
  5. Alain Verwilghen, Secretary General EGFATT
  6. Brigitte Baetens, Legal Advisor, Belgian Guarantee Fund 
  7. Jan Richter, Senior Vice President Products' and Global Markets, Swiss Re Int. 
  8. David Bourne, CPJ Head of Regulation Airline Licencing, Civil Aviation Authority  

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