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CTAA Industry Statistics

 ECTAA regularly collects data on number of travel agents and tour operators in the various European countries, as well as on the annual turnover and  number of employees of these enterprises. The data are collected from ECTAA"s Members (sometimes estimates). 

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 Survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards tourism

 The “Eurobarometer survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards tourism” collects EU citizens’ views on travel, details of their holidays and travel and their expectations regarding holidays for the next year.

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 There are numerous publications by the European Communities on tourism statistics, notably the tourism statistics yearbook, a tourism statistics  pocketbook, as well as regular publications on specific topics such as summer tourism trends, tourism and the internet, etc.

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 The European Travel Commission (ETC)
 The European Travel Commission, which is the umbrella organization for Europe’s national tourism offices, publishes market studies and tourism  trend  reports on European tourism. They also offer information on online travel markets and use of internet and e-commerce in the tourism industry
 (ETC New Media Review).

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 United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)

 The United Nations World Tourism Organization provides regular statistics on among other issues: international tourist arrivals; international tourism  receipts; top tourism destinations by arrivals and receipts; outbound tourism by generating region and the ranking of the top tourism spenders.            

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