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19/06/2017 Open letter to European Commissioner fo Transport
Airlines' surcharges and other discrimination against neutral independent distribution theaten transparency and consumer choice. 

May 2017 Call for a new model to govern indirect air distribution
A recent study carried out by ETTSA and ECTAA identified five key areas of concerns to the non-airline distribution chain players. Based on interviews with senior representatives of different distribution chain stakeholders, including agents, airlines, and GDSs, the study makes a number of recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the IATA Passenger Agency Programme.

October 2014 ECTAA and GEBTA call for the revision of the VAT scheme for travel agents
ECTAA and GEBTA call on the European Commission and Member States to start a dialogue on the revision of the special VAT scheme for travel agents, as provided for in articles 306-310 of the VAT Directive. The provisions are in dire need of revision as they are outdated (from 1977), resulting in major distortions of competition in the market for the supply of travel services.
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November 2013 Position Paper on the Revision of the Package Travel Directive 
The Package Travel Directive was adopted in 1990 and was covering most of the holiday market at the time of its adoption.
However, Consumer patterns have changed over the last 23 years, and new distribution channels have emerged thanks technological developments and the widespread usage of internet. Today, the European Consumer has access to multiple distribution channels from the classical paper brochure to mobile applications.
Taking into consideration these market changes, the European Commission has published a proposal for revision of the Package Travel Directive.

July 2013 Position on Air Passenger Rights Revision 
As a general comment, ECTAA supports measures that ensure a seamless travel experience for the customers they serve. 
However, ECTAA considers that to ensure a high level of passenger protection during travel disruptions, a fine balance needs to be found between passenger rights and the cost for airlines to provide these rights

March 2011 Position on the proposal for a Directive on EU Passenger Name Records (PNR)
Travel agents and tour operators are involved in the booking and sale of air travel services, which would be subject to the Directive on EU PNR. The Directive proposal provides for the collection of PNR for flights between the EU and third states. It puts obligations on carriers to transfer the data to national authorities, but also refers to travel agents to inform passengers. 

February 2010 Position of ECTAA on the proposal for a Directive on Consumer Rights
ECTAA welcomes the proposal for a Directive on consumer rights. It is an important step towards the harmonisation of the rights of consumers who shop throughout the EU, which will facilitate cross-border sales. 

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