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24/10/2017 Expert study airline claim that direct distribution is less expensive
New evidence shows that inceasing so-called "direct" bookings does not reduce costs for airlines, sugggesting the true motive of some airlines is to curtail consumer access to independent, neutral booking channels.
19/10/2017 Transport connectivity and multimodal transport key for seamless travel and tourism
Transport connectivity and intermodality are critical success factors for the European Tourism Sector. From a travel agency perspective, a lot still needs to be done to improve connectivity and ensure seamless door-to-door multimodal transport.              

Recent Position Papers 

19/06/2017 Open letter to European Commissioner fo Transport
Airlines' surcharges and other discrimination against neutral independent distribution theaten transparency and consumer choice.

May 2017 Call for a new model to govern indirect air distribution
A recent study carried out by ETTSA and ECTAA identified five key areas of concerns to the non-airline distribution chain players. Based on interviews with senior representatives of different distribution chain stakeholders, including agents, airlines, and GDSs, the study makes a number of recommendations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the IATA Passenger Agency Programme.


24/10/2017 Study on airline distribution costs  
Examination of direct versus indirect distribution costs for airlines 

11/10/2017 Study on the impact of Airline Consolidation on Consumer Choice 
The role on indirect distribution channels in ensuring price transparency and promoting competition 

01/12/2016 ECTAA's Activity Report 2015-2016

 The 2016 ECTAA Digest: EU Legislation & the Travel Trade 
 Over 160 pages long, this document offers an up-to-date overview of the adopted or proposed legislation and the different initiatives and  programmes impacting on tourism. The issues presented range from general horizontal industry questions such as the development of electronic  commerce to very specific travel trade problems, such as the implementation of the Package Travel Directive with regards to tour operators' financial  guarantee in the case of bankruptcy.

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