ECTAA Members

The benefits of full membership
Full Members’ associations benefit from a wide range of services, which include:
  • The representation of their interests within the European Institutions, of which ECTAA is a recognized and privileged interlocutor.
  • The receipt of regular information and updates on European Affairs, such as ongoing legislative processes, the launch of consultation procedures by the European Institutions, case law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, etc.
  • Tailor-made consultancy on any issue which is of specific interest for an individual member.
  • Representation within IATA and in particular in the consultation bodies between airlines and agents at European and global level.
  • The participation in meetings and committees of ECTAA, which are important discussion forums, allowing exchange of experiences and of best practices.
 How to become a full Member of ECTAA  

To become a Full Member of ECTAA, an associations need to fulfill three fundamental criteria:
  • They must be legally established in a Member State of the EU, a Member State of the European Economic Area and/or the European Free Trade Area or a candidate country for accession to the European Union or a country having officially withdrawn from EU Membership in conformity with article 50 of the treaty of the European Union;
  • They must be sufficiently representative of the trade in its country;
  • They must be open to intermediary agencies and/or tour operators.
If these requirements are met, an interested association can contact the ECTAA Secretariat and ask for membership as full Member. The membership application will be submitted to the next General Assembly of ECTAA for approval. 

Where in one and the same country, more than one national association are Full Members of ECTAA, they must, by common agreement between themselves, constitute a single delegation of Full Member. The delegation holds one single vote.

List of ECTAA Members 

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