ECTAA was founded in 1961 at Bad Kreuznach (Federal Republic of Germany) by the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of the 6 founding Member States of the Common Market. Other national associations joined ECTAA with the successive enlargements of the European Union.

  • 1961 Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
  • 1973 Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom
  • 1981 Greece
  • 1986: Spain and Portugal
  • 1994: Switzerland and Norway
  • 1995: Austria, Finland, Sweden, Hungary 
  • 1998: Poland
  • 1999: Cyprus, Estonia and Romania
  • 2000: Croatia
  • 2002: Slovakia
  • 2003: Malta
  • 2004: Latvia and Bulgaria
  • 2005: Czech Republic
  • 2008: Slovenia
  • 2012: Serbia 
  • 2013: Montenegro 
  • 2014: Lithuania
  • 2015: Tunisia, Morocco and Israel as International Members 
  • 2017: Malaysia as International Member
ECTAA now represents the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of 27 EU Member States, as well as Switzerland and Norway. In addition, there are four international Members from Tunisia, Morocco, Malaysia and Israel. 

ECTAA is recognised in Brussels by industry and decision-makers alike as the main representation of both Travel Agents and Tour Operators and is an esteemed consultation partner on any policy that may have an impact on Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ activities. 

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