ECTAA cooperates closely  with each of the European Institutions and monitors every development at European level, which may have an impact on tourism. It acts in  particular in the following fields, where the European Union was given some responsibilities: 
  • Consumer protection;
  • Air transport;
  • Maritime, road and rail transport;
  • Internal Market - notably the free provision of services and recognition of qualifications;
  • Tourism, in particular sustainable tourism;
  • Taxation;
  • Enterprise policy;
  • Competition;
  • Policy on Justice, Freedom and Security.
ECTAA also represents the interests of Travel Agents and Tour Operators when dealing with other organizations that have an impact on this industry in Europe, such as:
  • The European and International standardisation bodies (CEN, ISO);
  • The International Air Transport Association (IATA);
  • The World Tourism Organisation (WTO)
Finally, ECTAA acts as a point of contact for governments in destinations when dealing with tour operator related issues and coordinates the exchange of information among Members in key areas of operational delivery (crisis handling, health and safety, sustainable tourism).
More information on current issues can be found under “Policy Areas”.

ECTAA issues an annual Activity Report, which summarizes all the main activities in the past year in the areas of interest to ECTAA.
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