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ECTAA is the Group of national travel agents’ and tour operators’ associations within the EU. It actively cooperates with European Union institutions and international organizations to ensure that their interests and special requirements are taken into consideration.

ECTAA was founded in 1961 at Bad Kreuznach (Federal Republic of Germany) by the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of the 6 founding Member States of the Common Market. Other national associations joined ECTAA with the successive enlargements of the European Union.

ECTAA now represents the national associations of travel agents and tour operators of 26 EU Member States, of 2 EU accession countries as well Switzerland and Norway.

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Latest press releases

27/06/2014 TOURISMlink review conference offers industry solutions
At the TOURISMlink review conference in Brussels, industry leaders gathered to discuss the challenges of developing European tourism and how the TOURISMlink platform could be the answer.

18/06/2014 Final review of TOURISMlink project at June conference in Brussels
TOURISMlink has completed its trial period, but what does the future hold for the platform and Europe’s fragmented tourism industry? A conference in Brussels will review the European Commission-backed project.

05/06/2014 ECTAA elects new President and welcomes a new Member 
The General Assembly of ECTAA elected a new President, Mr. Lars Thykier, Managing Director of the Danish Travel Agents’ Association, for a 2 year term. He is succeeding ...


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Position Papers
The Package Travel Directive was adopted in 1990 and was covering most of the holiday market at the time of its adoption.
However, Consumer patterns have changed over the last 23 years, and new distribution channels have emerged thanks technological developments and the widespread usage of internet. Today, the European Consumer has access to multiple distribution channels from the classical paper brochure to mobile applications.
Taking into consideration these market changes, the European Commission has published a proposal for revision of the Package Travel Directive. 

29/03/11 Position on the proposal for a Directive on EU Passenger Name Records (PNR)
Travel agents and tour operators are involved in the booking and sale of air travel services, which would be subject to the Directive on EU PNR. The Directive proposal provides for the collection of PNR for flights between the EU and third states. It puts obligations on carriers to transfer the data to national authorities, but also refers to travel agents to inform passengers.
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Tourism Link
TOURISMlink is about creating link between smaller local tourism enterprises to improve their competitiveness. This European demonstration will facilitate the flow of information among service suppliers, customers and traditional tourism enterprises, in a B2B environment through the use of modern ICT.

TOURISMlink conference, Brussels 24 June 2014 -
Final Programme 

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Preferred destination
ECTAA's Preferred destination for 2014 is

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